We aim to utilize the final product of our initiative - the video of the choreographed pieces - to present it at various world venues, drawing attention to global unity and peace.
Here are some possibilities:


By presenting at these venues, the initiative can effectively amplify its message of world unity and peace to a wide and diverse audience.

International Cultural Festivals: Presenting the video at renowned cultural festivals can attract a diverse audience and highlight the project's message of unity.

United Nations Events: Showcasing the video at United Nations gatherings, such as General Assembly meetings or special events focused on global harmony, can reach influential leaders and policymakers.

Global Arts Exhibitions: Displaying the video at art exhibitions and galleries around the world can engage audiences interested in cultural exchange and artistic expression.

International Peace Conferences: Sharing the video at peace conferences and summits emphasizes the project's dedication to fostering understanding and cooperation among nations.

Educational Institutions: Screening the video at schools, colleges, and universities can inspire students to reflect on the importance of diversity and cooperation in building a peaceful world.

Online Platforms: Broadcasting the video on popular online platforms, such as social media channels and streaming services, ensures widespread accessibility and engagement with a global audience.

Embassies and Consulates: Collaborating with diplomatic missions to showcase the video during cultural events or national celebrations can promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.